As you may know, we’ve been on hiatus for a while, since the beginning of the revolution in Libya.  We’ve been thinking about whether we should update the blog, given the situation back home. In some ways, it didn’t seem right to continue as everyone in Libya is dealing with the loss and daily hardship of war. However, five months since the first protests in Benghazi, we have decided to return. We started this blog last Ramadan, and so much has changed since then that Ramadan will be very different this year, for all of us from across the region – but it will still be a month of fasting and of prayer, with families gathering and breaking their fast together around the iftar table.

We’d like to thank all the followers who have remained with us, despite the unexplained hiatus, and a special thank you to those of you who took the time to comment.

We hope you enjoy the coming recipes, and have a great Ramadan. 
Ramadan Mubarak!