Mediterranean Cooking Event – Libya

16th Mediterranean cooking event - Libya - tobias cooks! - 10.01.2011-10.02.2011

The Libyan Food blog participated in the 16th Mediterranean Cooking Event set up and organized by Tobias Cooks, which was focused on Libya this time around and moves on to Montenegro next. We participated with the following recipes posted between the opening and closing dates of the Libya event, from 10 Jan to 10 Feb. Please go check out the other participations in this event here.

Recipes between 10 Jan to 10 Feb:

Aubergine Wrap Kufta in Tomato Sauce
Basbusa with Dates 
Fried Fish stuffed with Potato – Kawali Mbatan
Cousous with Fish – Couscous bil Hout
Libyan Stove Top Flat Bread – Ftat
Roasted Salad – Salata Meshwiya
Libyan Lamb Casserole with Carrot
Steamed Pasta with Pine Nuts and Raisins