Children’s Smiley Face Asida عصيدة للاطفال

This is a variation of asida for children, with a smiley face. Asida is a popular traditional dish served in Libya during celebrations such as births or Eid. It is made of wheat flour or whole-meal flour dough cooked in water, and is eaten with honey or date syrup and melted butter. Some people use olive oil or samn (ghee) instead of butter. Asida is usually eaten for breakfast, as a form of porridge. While most children love asida in any form, this makes it a lot more fun for the younger ones, who can help you with creating and decorating the smiley face. For the ingredients and steps to make the asida, see this link.
Put a small amount  of asida dough in a small bowl and press it down with the back of a spoon to form a smooth dome as above, then turn it upside down on a flat plat.

Use a circular object to make two deep hollows for the “eyes.”

Use a spoon to form a curved line for the “smile”. 

Pour honey or date syrup into the eyes. You could also sprinkle sugar in the “smile.” Pour melted butter around the asida. Serve immediately with a glass of cold milk.