Cabbage Salad: Salatet Kronb سلطة كرنب

This very simple fresh-tasting cabbage salad only takes a few minutes to make. It is particularly good with hot fresh bread and as much olive oil as possible. It is often served with heavier spicy meals as a light and tasty alternative to the usual cucumber and tomato salad. I always make this salad with cabbage rolls, using the white inner leaves which are not used for the Mahshi.


1/2 cabbage
1 tsp vinegar
2 tsp salt

Olive oil

as needed

Lemon as needed

Slice cabbage into thin strips. Add salt and work in to loosen the texture.

Place in a pot with half a cup of water and leave to simmer until cooked but firm. Drain well.

Transfer to a bowl and drizzle a little vinegar, and a lot of lemon and olive oil.