Bseisa and Howira بسيسة و حويرة

Bseisa and Howira are two different mixtures of roasted barley and other cereals ground with fenugreek and aniseed and coriander . This kind of food is North African in origin, known in Tunis and Algeria as well as throughout Libya. Its history goes back a long way, and travellers and nomads used to take bsisa and dates a with them on their journeys since it was full of nutritional value, easy to carry in its ground form, and does not spoil.
Bsisa is bright yellow and Howira sandy brown. 
Howira can also be used as a liquid when added to water, creating a strongly-floured drink. The most common use for bsisa and howira  is to mix them with olive oil into a paste. This is then typically eaten with dates or figs for a quick meal which is energy-rich and healthy. They make delicious Ramadan dips!